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Pure App 2023 Review: Is It Worth The Effort?


Pure App is a mobile dating app that has been around since 2014. It offers users the opportunity to find their perfect match in an easy and secure way, while providing them with plenty of features for communication. The platform was created by Get Pure Inc., which is based in Canada but also operates worldwide.

Who can you find on this app? Pure App provides its users with access to singles from all over the world who are looking for relationships or casual dates depending on what they prefer. With millions of active members, there’s always someone new joining every day so no matter your preference or location you have a good chance at finding somebody compatible near you!

How many active users are on Pure App and how it was launched? Since its launch back in 2014, the number of registered members has grown exponentially reaching more than 10 million today! This success led to other countries such as Russia, Germany, France and Mexico launching localized versions shortly after making it one of the most popular apps out there right now when it comes to online dating services .

Who owns it and in what 5 countries is this platform most popular? Getpure Inc., located mainly Toronto (Canada) currently owns pureapp . As mentioned before ,this application got great acceptance among people living not only In North America but also Europe where we can highlight five main locations : United Kingdom ,Germany ,Russia ,France And Mexico being these last two ones particularly successful due To Its large population numbers combined with high levels Of Internet penetration allowing People From These Countries To Take Full Advantage Of What This Platform Has To Offer Them !

Is the app free to use ? Yes – You don’t need any money if you want join up ! All basic functions like creating profile & messaging others Are Freely Available For Everyone Without Any Payment Needed So That Anyone Can Enjoy Their Experience On Here Regardless Of Financial Status Or Location!.

Does PureApp have an app ? How can a user access it ? Yes- There’s both iOS & Android Versions available through respective stores – Simply search “Pure Dating” within either store then download/install accordingly After Which Users Will Be Able Log Into Account Via Mobile Device Instead Desktop Computer If Preferred!

How Does Pure App Work?

The Pure App is a mobile dating application that offers users the ability to find potential partners in their area. It allows users to search for people based on age, gender, location and interests. The app also provides an anonymous chat feature so that two interested parties can get to know each other before meeting up in person. With over 10 million registered members from more than 5 countries around the world, it’s easy for anyone looking for love or companionship online to find someone compatible with them through this app.

Finding profiles on Pure App is simple and straightforward – just enter your desired criteria into the search bar at the top of your screen such as age range or gender preference and you’ll be presented with a list of potential matches who meet those requirements within seconds! You can then browse through these results until you come across someone who catches your eye; if they do, simply click ‘like’ next to their profile picture which will notify them about your interest in getting acquainted further!

Pure App caters mainly towards heterosexual couples but there are many different types of user accounts available including LGBTQ+ individuals seeking relationships too – making it one of few apps out there where everyone feels welcome regardless of sexual orientation or identity expression preferences! Furthermore, its popularity has grown significantly since launch due largely thanks its global reach: currently boasting millions upon millions active monthly users from five continents (including North America Europe Asia Australia & South Africa).

For added security measures while using this platform all conversations between two matched pairs must take place inside private messaging window provided by pureapp itself – meaning no personal contact information needs exchanged during initial stages acquaintance process either side’s comfort level remains intact throughout entire duration time spent chatting back forth . In addition every single message sent via platform gets automatically deleted after 24 hours ensuring complete privacy protection any sensitive data shared amongst both participants involved conversation .

Finally once ready actually arrange physical date make sure check out ‘Date Safety Tips’ section website ensure safe enjoyable experience yourself well partner concerned ! This includes things like always telling friend family member whereabouts going when what expect beforehand agreeing only meet public places having backup plan case something goes wrong etc… All these features combined together create comprehensive secure environment perfect finding true connection quickly easily without compromising safety standards whatsoever times !

  • 1.Cross-Platform Support: Pure App allows users to access their data from any device, including iOS and Android devices.
  • 2. Secure Data Storage: All user data is securely stored on the cloud with encryption technology for maximum security and privacy protection.
  • 3. Real-Time Synchronization: Users can sync their data across multiple devices in real time, ensuring that all of their information is up to date no matter where they are accessing it from.
  • 4. Customizable User Interface: The app’s interface can be customized according to individual preferences or needs, allowing each user a personalized experience when using the app..
  • 5 .Data Visualizations & Analytics : With powerful analytics tools built into Pure App , users can easily visualize trends in large datasets quickly and accurately without having any prior knowledge about coding or programming languages
  • 6 .Integrated Third Party Apps : Integration with third party apps like Salesforce , Google Drive etc allow users seamless integration between different services making life easier for business owners

Registration – How Easy Is It?

To register on the Pure App, users must first download and install the app from their device’s respective store. After launching it for the first time, they will be asked to enter a valid email address or phone number in order to create an account. Then they have to choose a username and password before providing some basic information about themselves such as age, gender identity and sexual orientation. Finally, users are required to upload at least one photo of themselves which can then be approved by moderators within 24 hours after submission. Once registration is complete with all necessary details provided correctly according to requirements set out by Pure App’s terms & conditions ,users will gain access into its dating pool where they can start swiping through potential matches nearby who meet their criteria . The minimum age requirement for registering on this app is 18 years old while there are no charges associated with signing up or using any features offered within it .

  • 1.User must provide a valid email address and create a password.
  • 2. The user must accept the terms of service, privacy policy, and any other relevant policies before registering for an account on Pure App.
  • 3. Users should be able to upload profile pictures or use default images provided by the app upon registration
  • 4. Age verification is required in order to ensure that users are at least 18 years old when they register with Pure App
  • 5 .Users will need to enter their name, gender (optional), date of birth (optional) , country/region during sign up process 6 .The user’s phone number may also be requested as part of the registration process if two-factor authentication is enabled 7 .Verification code sent via SMS or email needs to be entered in order for successful completion 8 .After completing all steps mentioned above successfully ,the user can start using pure app

Design and Usability of Pure App

The Pure App app has a sleek and modern design, with colors that are pleasing to the eye. The white background makes it easy to read text, while shades of blue add visual interest. There is also an intuitive navigation system which allows users to quickly find profiles of other people they may be interested in connecting with.

Usability wise, the Pure App app is quite user friendly as most features can be accessed within a few clicks or taps on your device’s screen. It’s simple enough for anyone regardless of their tech experience level to use without any difficulty whatsoever. With regards UI improvements when you purchase a paid subscription there aren’t many noticeable changes apart from some additional features being unlocked such as unlimited swipes and more profile visibility options etc..

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: On Pure App, user profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone who has the app. You can set a custom bio to give others an idea of your interests and personality. There is no “friends” feature but you can message other users directly or add them as favorites if you like their profile. Privacy settings allow users to control what information they share with others, including location info which will only reveal city-level details unless explicitly shared otherwise. Users have the option of signing in via Google or Facebook for added security against fake accounts; however there is still potential for fraudsters on the platform so it’s important to remain vigilant when interacting with strangers online.

Paragraph 2: Location info in user profiles helps people find matches nearby that meet their criteria more easily than searching through all available options manually; this makes it easier for singles looking for dates within close proximity without having to specify exact addresses upfront (unless desired). It also gives some indication of distance between two users although not always accurate due to differences in GPS accuracy from device type/model etc.. Premium subscribers may receive additional benefits such as increased visibility on search results pages compared those using free plans – making it easier connect with compatible partners faster & better!

Paragraph 3: All data collected about each individual remains private until voluntarily disclosed by either party involved – giving everyone peace mind knowing that personal information isn’t being shared indiscriminately around network without permission first given beforehand consenting parties themselves… This includes any kind contact details exchanged during conversations too help ensure safety privacy while engaging new acquaintances virtually before deciding whether meeting up face-to-face might be appropriate course action further down line should both individuals agree terms doing so at later date mutually agreeable time frames permitting


Pure App is a popular dating app that allows users to find potential matches and connect with them. The app has been downloaded millions of times since its launch in 2018, making it one of the most successful apps on the market today. It offers many features such as profile customization, messaging capabilities, search filters and more. While Pure App does not have an official website at this time, it still provides all these services through its mobile application which can be accessed from any device or platform including iOS and Android devices.

The main advantage of using Pure App instead of other dating sites is that you don’t need to create a separate account for each service; everything is integrated into one easy-to-use interface so you can quickly find what you are looking for without having to switch between multiple accounts or websites. Additionally, because there isn’t an official website yet associated with Pure App users will also benefit from improved privacy settings as their data won’t be stored online like some traditional dating sites do where personal information could potentially become vulnerable if hacked by malicious third parties . On the downside however , those who prefer web browsing over mobile applications may feel limited due to lack access options available when compared against other leading competitors within this industry .

Safety & Security

Pure App is a secure platform for users to connect and interact with each other. It takes the security of its user’s data very seriously, which is why it has implemented several measures to ensure that all interactions are safe and genuine. The app requires users to verify their accounts through an email or phone number verification process before they can access any features on the app. This helps in ensuring that only real people use Pure App instead of bots or fake accounts created by malicious actors trying to exploit vulnerabilities within the system.

The photos uploaded by users onto Pure App also go through a manual review process conducted by trained professionals who look out for inappropriate content as well as any signs of fraudulence such as duplicate images being used across multiple profiles etc., thus providing additional layers of security against malicious activity on the platform. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available upon request from verified members so that extra protection can be provided when logging into one’s account from different devices or locations at once .

In terms of privacy policy, PureApp ensures full transparency about how your personal information will be collected, stored and shared with third parties if necessary; this includes details like name & contact info , profile photo , location data etc.. All these policies have been designed keeping in mind GDPR regulations along with industry best practices related to online safety & privacy .

Pricing and Benefits

Does Pure App Require a Paid Subscription?

Pure App is an app that provides users with the ability to find and connect with other people who share similar interests. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, but does it require a paid subscription? The answer is yes; while there are some features available for free, most of the advanced features require payment.

Benefits of Purchasing a Subscription on Pure App

  • Access to all premium features such as messaging and video chat * Ability to search by location or interest-based filters * Option to customize your profile page with photos and videos * Exclusive access to exclusive events hosted by partners

Prices & Competitiveness

The prices for subscriptions vary depending on which plan you choose: $9.99/monthly, $19.99/3 months or $29.99/yearly – making them competitive when compared against other apps offering similar services at comparable rates (or even higher). In addition, discounts may be offered from time-to-time so it’s worth keeping an eye out if you’re looking for ways save money!

Cancellation Process & Refunds Policy

If you decide that purchasing a subscription isn’t right for you then cancelling can easily be done through your account settings within the app itself – no need contact customer service directly unless absolutely necessary! Additionally refunds will generally only apply if cancellation occurs within 14 days after purchase date (unless otherwise stated) so make sure read up on any relevant policies before committing yourself financially!

Help & Support

Pure App offers a variety of support options for users. The first and most convenient way to access help is through the Pure App website, which has an extensive page dedicated to customer service. This page provides information on how you can contact their team via email or phone as well as providing links to helpful FAQs that may provide quick answers without having to wait for a response from one of their representatives.

If you need immediate assistance, they also offer telephone support with agents available during business hours (Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm). Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable so they should be able to answer any questions or queries quickly and efficiently. Generally speaking, customers report receiving prompt responses when contacting them by either method – usually within 24 hours if not sooner in some cases!

For those who prefer self-help solutions rather than waiting for someone else’s input there is also an online community forum where members can ask questions about various topics related directly or indirectly with Pure App usage such as feature requests, bug reports etc.. There are often many experienced users willing lend advice so it’s worth checking out this option before reaching out directly via email/phone too! In general though no matter what your issue might be rest assured that the team at Pure will do everything possible make sure your experience using the app remains enjoyable & hassle free


1. Is Pure App safe?

Yes, Pure App is safe. The app uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that all data sent and received through the platform remains secure and private. It also has a strict privacy policy in place which means that your personal information will never be shared with third parties or used for any other purpose than providing you with the services offered by the app. Additionally, Pure App requires two-factor authentication before users can access their accounts so they know their account is always protected from unauthorized access attempts. All of these measures make sure that using this application provides its users with peace of mind when it comes to security and safety online

2. Is Pure App a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Pure App is a real dating site with real users. The app was launched in 2014 and has been growing ever since. It offers an innovative approach to online dating by allowing its members to focus on meeting people nearby for casual encounters rather than long-term relationships or marriage. Users can create profiles that include photos, age range preferences, interests and more which allows them to find potential matches quickly and easily without having to spend hours searching through other sites or apps. Furthermore, the app also features various safety measures such as location tracking so you know who you are talking too at all times as well as detailed profile information about each user including their background checks before they are allowed onto the platform – making it one of the safest ways of finding someone special online today!

3. How to use Pure App app?

Using the Pure App is simple and straightforward. To get started, users must first download the app from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Once installed, they will be prompted to create an account by providing their name, email address and a password of their choice. After that step is completed successfully, users can begin exploring all of the features available on Pure App!

The main page displays different categories such as health & fitness tips; beauty tutorials; food recipes; fashion trends etc., allowing you to easily find what interests you most in just one click! Each category contains multiple posts with helpful information related to it so there’s something for everyone no matter your preference or level of expertise. Additionally, if you have any questions about anything posted on this platform then feel free to ask them directly via comments section which allows other members who are more knowledgeable than yourself help out too – making sure everybody gets what they need when using this app! Finally once done reading through everything relevant don’t forget save favorite topics/posts into “My Favorites” folder so next time accessing these items becomes much easier without having search again every single time – great way keep track progress made while learning new things each day!.

4. Is Pure App free?

Yes, Pure App is free to download and use. It does not require any payment or subscription fees in order to access its features. The app provides users with a secure platform for anonymous communication and connection without having to reveal their identity or personal information. With the help of this app, you can easily connect with people who share similar interests as yours while maintaining your privacy at all times. Additionally, it also offers various other features such as location-based search options that allow you to find like-minded individuals nearby so that you can meet up in person if desired!

5. Is Pure App working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Pure App is working and it can be used to find someone. The app allows users to create a profile with photos and information about themselves so that others can view their profiles. Users are then able to browse through other user’s profiles in order to connect with people who share similar interests or backgrounds. Once two users have connected, they can start messaging each other directly on the app in order for them both get acquainted before deciding if they want take things further by meeting up in person.


In conclusion, Pure App is a great dating app that provides users with the ability to find partners for dating. Its design and usability are top-notch; it has an intuitive user interface and offers plenty of features such as chatrooms, profile customization options, etc. The safety and security measures implemented by the developers ensure that all personal data remains safe from malicious actors or third parties. Additionally, help & support services are available 24/7 in case any issue arises while using the app. Finally, user profiles quality is excellent since there’s no room for fake accounts due to strict verification processes conducted during registration process – this helps create a more genuine atmosphere on Pure App which makes it even better than other similar apps out there!

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